Can We Find Your House in an Emergency??
Valuable time WILL be lost if we have to search for your address!!
(We may be coming from the other direction)


If you are in the SouthEastern portion of Tompkins County, and you are using a mobile/cell phone, your signal is most likely connecting to one of the towers in neighboring Tioga county. Therefore ANY 911 CALLS VIA A MOBILE PHONE WILL PROBABLY GO TO THE TIOGA COUNTY 911 CENTER AND NOT THE TOMPKINS COUNTY 911 CENTER. It is critical that when the 911 Dispatcher asks for your location that you tell them which county, as well as the Town (in the case of Speedsville-Town of Caroline) you are in so your call is re-directed as quickly as possible. Many of us in this area have mixed addresses – Tompkins Cty. with a Berkshire mailing address.

Here’s what happens when you call 911 from a cell phone: The Dispatcher answers ‘911 What’s your emergency ?’ – Your answer might be ‘I smell smoke in my house’.
FROM A CONVENTIONAL PHONE (Land Line): Your phone number as well as the address associated with that number displays on the Dispatchers Computer Screen. The Dispatcher will ask you to verify the information is correct. If so, things begin to happen.

FROM A MOBILE PHONE; Your phone number should display, but no other inforation. The Dispatcher asks for your address or your location. – You tell him/her ‘###Jones Rd.’ – The Dispatcher inputs that address into the computer. The computer searches and may respond ‘Verified address, send ‘xxx’ Fire Department’. All is well.
However, if the computer does not recognize your address,street, or road, then  further investigation and valuable time are spent trying to figure out where you are.
The level of sophistication in this area is not yet like what you see on Television where the Police triangulate cell signals to find the bad guys. Multiple towers are needed for that and we’re lucky to have any signal at all.

As more and more people abandon their ‘land lines’ in favor of other communication methods, mobile, internet based (Vonage,etc) it’s important that you know what information is needed when a call for assistance goes out. NAME, ADDRESS, TOWN, COUNTY

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