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Q. What’s Involved in being a Fire Company Member ?
A. It’s not all about firefighting. In fact (thankfully) calls to extinguish fires are few and far between. What takes the time is preparation for those calls, when they do come.

Q. Am I required to be an ‘active’ firefighter ?
A. That is your choice and if you decide that’s something you want to do, we will provide all the needed training and equipment at no cost to you. There are plenty of support people needed at a scene as well.

Q. How can I help if I don’t want to fight fires ?
A. We are always in need of qualified MEDICAL personnel. If you don’t have any qualifications, but want to learn, we’ll get you that training. There are various levels from ‘First Responder’ to ‘Emergency Medical Technician – EMT’ to ‘Paramedic’.

Maybe you can drive a truck and operate a pump, we can use you. -Training Provided
Maybe you have accounting skills, we can use you.
Maybe you’re a great cook, we can use you.
Maybe you’re organized and good at keeping records, we can use you.
Maybe you can sew on a patch, we can use you.
Maybe you can make coffee in the middle of the night, we can use you.
Maybe you have legal, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. expertise………..

WE CAN USE YOUR HELP!  Contact Dick Weston, Chief  607-221-2238 or stop in anytime you see us there, usually on Tuesday nights.